President's Message

President's Message

Kamal Thapa Chettri

Kakarvitta Multiple Campus was established with the common interest and solidarity of local intellectual’s educationists, academicians, social reformers, political leaders, and the member of civil society as a non-profitable institution for higher education in 2055 BS.

First, it was run in Kakarvitta High School in the morning shift. Now Kakarvitta Multiple Campus has been able to run two faculties, Education and Management in Bachelor levels affiliated to Tribhuvan University in own buildings with enough infrastructures as per the rules and regulation of Tribhuvan University.

Kakarvitta Multiple Campus situated in the Mechinagar Municipality, the main entrance of the eastern zone has been an institution of choice for the students of the neighboring municipality, students of eastern of hilly areas, and the students from West Bengal, India.

This Campus has gained its popularity in a short period of time due to its infrastructure favourable geographical situation, peaceful teaching-learning environment experienced as well as dedicated teaching & non-teaching staff-student number, economic sources, regular grant of UGC province government and Mechinagar Municipality. It has also got friendly and co-operative behaviour from political parties intellectuals members of civil society and former management committee which has inspired to go ahead.

Such direct and indirect contribution to the wellbeing of the campus is highly appreciated and hope it will continue the days to come.

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Kamal Thapa Chhetri

Kakarvitta Multiple Campus

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